A two week teaching martathon ending with an exhibition at The Composing Roooms, Berlin. Participants from the Klasse Rainer Ganahl, (ABK Stuttgart) wiht guests studetns from the classes of Manfred Pernice (UdK, Berlin) and Josephine Price (UdK, Berlin). All this was facilitated with the special help and geneoristy of Che Zara Blomfield and THE COMPOSING ROOMS, Berlin that hosted us.



Studio visit and closed door letures at the COMPOSING ROOM with the following artists who generosity was amazing ! Thanks to everybody involved.


AA Bronson
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Simon Denny
s s



Angela Bulloch
s s



Karl Homsqvist
s s


Kalle Henkel, Maxax Pitegoff




Saâdane Afif




Yael Bartana
j s



Raphael Linsi
f k



Marco Bruzzone
s l



Gerry Bibby



Yngve Holen



Kaspar Mueller



Daniel Keller



Daniel Herleth
j k



Nasan Tur
s s



Jay Chung
d k



Heike-Karin Föll

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Ché Zara Blomfield
d j


Max Pitegoff, Calla Henke (New Theater )
s d


Juliette Blightman




press release of an exhibition made at THE COMPOSING ROOM

Anna Schwarz
Stefanie Sprinz
Peter Hauer
Rainer Ganahl
Florian Model
Verena Sprich
Malte Bartsch
Wera Buck
Ben McCready
Kenneth Dow
Amit Yemini
Adrianna Liedtke
Carolin Gießner
Niklas Binzberger
Jan Nicola Angermann
Monika Ehret
Sarah Rosengarten
Elmar Mellert
Christiane Heidrich

PERFORMNACE: Adrianna Liedtke, Friday 8 pm

press release:

This exhibitions presents a number of art students studying with Manfred Pernice, Josephine Pryde and Rainer Ganahl. It concludes a 10 day marathon of intense encounters Ganahl facilitated with the following artists and ciurators ranging through various generations, a large variety of approaches and media : AA Bronson, Angela Bulloch, Karl Homsqvist, Saâdane Affif, Yael Bartana, Simon Denny, Daniel Herleth, Raphael Linsi, Gerry Bibby, Yngve Holen, Marco Bruzzone, Kaspar Mueller, Daniel Keller, Nasan Tur, Heike-Karin Föll, Ché Zara Blomfield, Jay Chung, Max Pitegoff, Calla Henkel, and Juliette Blightman.

The two day show hosted by The Composing Rooms is also a celebration for the release of the publication STRANGE TEACHING, MONADS WITH WINDOWS, an extra curriculum extravaganza Ganahl organized last May in a dilapidated, defunct former department store that stood without proper use and function empty for decades. In there the artist teacher was able to stage his vision of teaching that consists on do-it-yourself principles with a strong believe in social, interdisciplinary and informational heterogeneity. Therefore, he invited Manfred Pernice, Florian Reither - a Gelitin member - , and Wolfgang Mayer - Discoteca Fleming Star - to participate and bring their students for two weeks to teach, to live, to experiment and to exhibit in this precarious structure.

Art education is here not so much seen as the result of studio work in the proximity of one Professor Meister but as an ongoing never ending learning process that occurs between many people, in exchange of ideas and - most importantly - in a clear first hand understanding of why certain artists do what they do. In this sense, the exhibition's title EXPECTATIONS is referring not only to the hopefully high quality of art works of these assembled students but mostly to the many years ahead of them. Given the fact that the selection of young artists is the result of various so-called classes and some of their interested students most have meet each other here for the first time, hence nobody has really an idea what we are going to see tonight. But that makes it exciting and promising.

Rainer Ganahl wants to thank everybody who participated and specifically all our hosts and lecturers for their great generosity and time.

January 2015


see images here


the opening

performance.Adrianna Liedtke









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