2019 -  in the making -

April 11  - 25, 2019

Teheran - Chambers d’amiss
Exhibiting in friends homes


In 1986 jan Hoet, director the the art museum in Gent curated a show with over 50 (mostly male) well known artists throughout the city of Gent in 58 private residencies of mostly collectors with the telling name chambers d’amis that translates as a friends’room, This was a novum because unlike the 1970s famous APTART exhibitions that took place for reasons of censorship and political repression in Soviet time Moscow, Gent had no ideological problems with art. the city filled with Museums and cultural institutions open to contemporary art also had no logistical problems for the many celebrity artists it showed including Bruce Nauman. ,Laurende Wiener, Paul Thek , Mario Merz, Dan Grsham and many more.

For a next installment of my strange teaching projects afte Mexico City, I propose TEHERAN - Chambers d’amis / Exhibiting in friends homes with students from various friends’ art students from various art academies and those who study with me. Given the fact that the US president has broken off a stabilizing international non-nuclear adams deal with Itan and has substantially re-isolated Iran’s international standing that has already suffered self-isolation since the Iran revolution of 1978 that has brought a repressive ans authoritarian fundamentalist regime to rule thst has no problems to crack down on its protesting students with lethal force as it did only in recent years the spirit of our projected exhibition will resemble more the secretive exhibitions of the APTART period in Soviet Moscow than to the celebration of the greatest of a generation of artists throughout a city in some of the wealthy residences of the Belgian capital of the art of that moment ? There for it is absence of any financial or institutional support thot we have to literally rely on local friends that will host each of our participants which i want to complement with Iranian artists we can hopefully convince to participate.

This chambres d’amis concept speaks of friendship and thus will also be our artistic goal - to connect with local people, independent of art related or not. .The task of everybody participating will consist in it only make a new work during our two weeks stay but also to find a host for a final three day exhibition that should go unnoticed by the local authorities. Like in Mexico City where works were made in concrete and placed illegal indefinitely without specific indication along a specific path on central roads and avenues and made available for viewing only on line and in a forthcoming publication, the splintered up Teheran show too will not be traceable by anybody except by those who know and reassembled on line and later in publication.

asked (not confirmed yet) participant artists / student-artist:  i will invite friend-artist professors to invite a few of thseir students ( Heimo Zobernick, Academy of fine arts, Vienna) Jutta Koether,Hamubrg Academy of fine arts); Olaf Nicolai (Munich Academy of fine arts), Gregor Schneider,( Duesseldort Academie of fine arts) -


“Chambres d’amis”
Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent, but hosted in 58 private houses in Ghent
21th June – 21th September, 1986
Curator: Jan Hoet

Artists: Carla Accardi, Christian Boltanski, Raf Buedts, Daniel Buren, Michael Buthe, Jacques Charlier, Nicola de Maria, Luciano Fabro, Günther Förg, Jef Geys, Dan Graham, Milan Grygar, François Hers, Kazuo Katase, Niek Kemps, Joseph Kosuth, Jannis Kounellis, Bertrand Lavier, Sol Lewitt, Danny Matthys, Gerhard Merz, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Helmut Middendorf, Juan Muñoz, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Bruce Nauman, Maria Nordman, Oswald Oberhuber, Heike Pallanca, Panamarenko, Giulio Paolini, Royden Rabinowitch, Norbert Radermacher, Roger Raveel, Wolfgang Robbe, Claude Rutault, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Remo Salvadori, Rob Scholte, Ettore Spalletti, Paul Thek, Niele Toroni, Charles Vandenhove, Philip Van Isacker, Jan Vercruysse, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Martin Walde, Lawrence Weiner, Robin Winters, Gilberto Zorio.